Slide TV



Upgrade your own internet radio station by broadcasting it on TV on the same frequencies with TV channels and engaging your audience through interaction.

Start a satellite radio station to listeners across Middle East and North Africa and Europe. Via satellites such as Nilesat,Arabsat, Hotbird, and more, Sharing the satellite airwaves with the TV channels, satellite radio delivers music, lectures, drama, news, training and more, in many languages, and from both national broadcasters and small independent stations.

reaching over 30 million across middle east and north africa also several areas across europe.
Satellite radio is broadcast in top-quality digital audio with crystal clear sound, whatever the weather conditions, and is available to anyone with a simple dish and satellite receiver.

As an alternative to the local terrestrial radio broadcasts, radio via satellite reaches all across the continent, and stations .

  • Broadcast live audio and recorded olaylistfrom your online radio.
  • Braodcast Music, Educational, news or any content.
  • Interact with a worldwide lisners in real time via sms and ivr..